• Argan Tree

    The ARGAN cultivation,

    a Maroccan endemic tree

    cultivated by women's


  • ARGAN Oil

    ARGAN Oil

    is a wonderful oil

    becouse its skin health


  • desertification land in Morocco

    The ARGAN cultivation
    prevent desertification
    land in Morocco.

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    Argan oil is a wonderful oil properties for skin health. This is because like the rosehip oil, has the peculiarity to help skin cells regenerate faster and thus prevents premature aging of all dermal processes.

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Before buying Argan oil is important to consider the following points:
Cultivation of Argan tree endemic of Morocco cultivating women's cooperatives, prevents soil desertification in Morocco.
Soothing and regenerating, argan oil nourishes the epidermis, hydrates and restores its shine and flexibility.
Made from the fruit of the argan unroasted argan vegetable oil contains a large amount of unsaponifiable, half of them beta carotenes, precursors of vitamin A.
Argan oil is also rich in vitamin E, so it has antioxidant properties.